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Jinheli steel knife is a form of inheritance and a personal challenge for the third-generation master, Wu Zengdong.

Inheriting the natural toughness and solid foundation of a "blacksmith," Master Wu insists on crafting knives by hand. He still stands by the stove every day, transforming "cannonball steel" into magic. In order to prevent counterfeiting, he also pioneered on-site designated cannonball shell knife making. You can personally feel the amazing professionalism in every step of the process.

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"Finding a balance between the new and the old" is Master Wu's constant goal. Therefore, he collaborated with Japanese industrial design elites to create new value for "Jinheli." The new generation of Kinmen steel knives emphasizes practicality and functionality, with the blade highlighting the beauty of shape and modernity. It can be called a classic masterpiece of craftsmanship, injecting an international perspective into the old shop that has been inherited for more than a century.

"May Jinheli not only become the pride of Kinmen, but also the pride of Taiwan". As the creative force behind "Jinheli," Master Wu never stops. Every step he takes pushes the Kinmen Steel Knife to a higher level, unmatched by anyone.

During the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, Wu Zongshanjun, the founder of the knife industry, studied in Xiamen and specialized in blacksmithing and forging farm tools.

Wu Chaoxijun inherited the family business and founded the "Jinheli Knife-making Factory" in 1937, located in Wucuo, Jincheng. He carried iron furnaces on his shoulders and served the entire island. He was known as the "blacksmith" by children and adults alike.

Due to the shortage of steel materials during the Japanese occupation, Wu Jun attempted to forge knives using shell casings left over from Allied bombings, which marked the origin of steel knives.

Subsequently, Kinmen was bombarded by artillery fire, leaving behind millions of spent bullet casings. Wu Jun planned to purchase spent bullet casings all over the island. With his extraordinary knife skills and ingenuity, he forged the famous "Jinheli Steel Knife," renowned both domestically and internationally.

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